LORE Releases Latest Single “Like Play” featuring YUNGDOPE

Lore Like Play Cover Art
Like Play cover art

Renowned musical artist LORE has recently unveiled his latest single titled “Like Play,” featuring the dynamic YUNGDOPE. This track serves as a sneak peek into LORE’s upcoming EP, offering listeners a rhythmic journey that leaves them craving more.

“Like Play” is a captivating tapestry of sound that showcases LORE’s exceptional artistry. The collaboration with long-time labelmate YUNGDOPE adds an extra layer of intensity, resulting in a synergistic energy that resonates through every note.

The single provides a tantalizing glimpse into LORE’s highly anticipated EP, which promises to be a four-part sonic odyssey that pushes the boundaries of contemporary electronic music. The production seamlessly blends innovation and familiarity, delivering a captivating experience that transcends the ordinary.

Fans of LORE and electronic music enthusiasts can look forward to the release of the full EP, where they can immerse themselves in the artist’s unique musical vision.