Lori Lanez Shares New Afrobeats Single “My Story”

Singer Lori Lanez
Lori Lanez

UK-based Ghanaian musician Lori Lanez is out with her new afrobeats song titled “My Story.” With a diverse background, originally from Ghana, raised in Italy, and currently residing in London, Lori Lanez brings a unique blend of cultural influences to her music.

“My Story” serves as the third track on Lori Lanez’s recently released 4-track EP titled “Make Dem Know,” which was released on January 20, 2024. This EP showcases Lori Lanez’s musical prowess and highlights her ability to create captivating afrobeats tracks that resonate with listeners.

Lori Lanez Make Dem Know Ep
Make dem know ep artwork

Drawing from her personal experiences and cultural heritage, Lori Lanez infuses “My Story” with heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies, and infectious rhythms. The song serves as a platform for Lori Lanez to share her journey and express herself through her music.

The EP “Make Dem Know” is a testament to Lori Lanez’s talent and artistry, featuring a collection of tracks that showcase her unique sound and style. With “My Story” as one of the standout tracks, listeners can expect a vibrant and engaging musical experience.

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