M. Rumbi Releases Inspirational Ballad “GRA GRA” featuring BasicCity and Dolapo Martins

M. Rumbi
M. Rumbi

Nairobi-born and Bloemfontein-based artist M. Rumbi has recently released a captivating new song titled “GRA GRA,” featuring BasicCity and Dolapo Martins. This inspirational ballad resonates with themes of perseverance, patience, and the significance of trusting in divine timing.

“GRA GRA” delivers a powerful message through its lyrics, emphasizing the importance of taking life one step at a time and avoiding haste. The track encourages listeners to trust in the process and wait for the right moments to unfold. The phrase “No gate, no pass, no torture in the wait culture” embodies the essence of being patient while pursuing dreams. It serves as a poignant reminder that success often necessitates a slow and steady journey.

M. Rumbi, also known as Michael Rumbi, is a multi-talented artist who hails from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a songwriter, producer, curator, and multi-instrumentalist who has garnered recognition in the music and entertainment industry. His deep-rooted love for music began during his childhood, nurtured by the encouragement of his father.

M. Rumbi Gra Gra
Gra gra cover art

Initially pursuing music as a hobby, M. Rumbi wrote and produced songs, sharing demos with friends and colleagues. Over time, he discovered fulfillment in songwriting and music production, refining his skills through his involvement as an accompanist in the music collective Rozzi@Work. In 2017, M. Rumbi made the decision to fully dedicate himself to his music career, departing from the collective to focus on his solo work as a producer and songwriter.

Beyond his musical pursuits, M. Rumbi has also been recognized as a photographer, particularly known for his black and white portraits and street photography. While music remains his primary passion, he also possesses an affinity for sketching and animation, aspiring to explore these creative avenues in the future.

M. Rumbi draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Lianne la Havas, Frank Ocean, Jordan Rakei, Daughter, and Uyama Hiroto. His music encompasses a fusion of genres and sonic elements, with his style being likened to FKJ, Jordan Rakei, Tom Misch, Daughter, and Steve Lacy. His versatility allows him to explore a range of sounds, incorporating elements from folk, hip-hop, and afro-beat.

Throughout his career, M. Rumbi has performed at esteemed venues and events, including “The AHADI Experience,” “Live with Levante,” “Jazz on the Lawn,” “The Bloemfontein Civic Theatre,” and “The National Arts Festival.” He has received a “Standard Bank Ovation Award” as part of BasicCity and has been featured in respected online blogs and newspapers, such as “The Sunday Nation,” “The Bloemfontein Courant,” “The Pan-African Magazine,” “TANGAZA,” and “The Native Magazine,” where he was recognized as one of the “Best New Artists to Watch in 2023.”

Listeners can connect with M. Rumbi and his music on Instagram and listen to him on Spotify

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