M Soto Drops New Single “EVER LOVE ME” feat. PJ4SHORT

M Soto
M Soto

US-based musician M Soto has unveiled his latest single, “EVER LOVE ME,” featuring PJ4SHORT. The track is not only a musical sensation but also a featured song on the STARZ network’s upcoming season show, BMF. “EVER LOVE ME” combines M Soto’s unique musical style with PJ4SHORT’s distinctive vocals to create a must-listen experience for music enthusiasts and TV viewers alike.

M Soto’s “EVER LOVE ME” resonates with his signature sound, offering listeners a captivating blend of music that transcends genres. The track’s inclusion on STARZ’s BMF season show marks a significant milestone in M Soto’s career, showcasing his talent to a broader audience.


M Soto, known for his ability to infuse diverse influences into his music, has crafted a song that’s set to leave a lasting impression. His collaboration with PJ4SHORT adds an extra layer of depth and soul to the track, making it an essential addition to playlists and TV soundtracks.

The inclusion of “EVER LOVE ME” in BMF exemplifies M Soto’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of his music and delivering fresh, innovative sounds. As a seasoned artist, he continues to evolve and grow while captivating audiences with his authentic musical expression.

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