M7 Collaborates with UK’s Mic Righteous for Explosive Hip-Hop Track “All In”

M7 Wrong Decisions

Australian musician M7 has joined forces with UK artist Mic Righteous to deliver a hard-hitting rap track, “All In.” This explosive collaboration brings together two talents from opposite sides of the world to create a raw and powerful addition to the hip-hop scene.

M7, known for his distinctive style and lyrical prowess, has teamed up with Mic Righteous, a respected name in the UK’s rap and hip-hop scene. Together, they’ve crafted “All In,” a song that showcases their passion for the genre and a dedication to their craft.

The track’s lyrics are hard-hitting, dealing with real-life experiences, struggles, and the unapologetic pursuit of success. “All In” provides an authentic look into the lives of both artists, emphasizing the power of storytelling through hip-hop.

M7, based in Australia, has consistently pushed the boundaries of rap music and lyrics, showcasing his versatility and dedication to the art form. Mic Righteous, hailing from the UK, has made a name for himself with his impactful wordplay and storytelling, cementing his place in the global hip-hop landscape.

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