Maddox Jones and Great Adamz Collaborate on Festive Single “It’s Christmas Time”

Maddox Jones And Great Adams Its Christmas Time
Maddox Jones and Great Adams its Christmas time

Rising stars Maddox Jones and Great Adamz from Northampton have joined forces once again to release a new holiday classic titled “It’s Christmas Time.” The track, released on Radikal Records, follows their summer hit “Chasing Moments,” which garnered significant support on UK radio and gained millions of views on Instagram and TikTok.

“It’s Christmas Time” showcases the true chemistry between Maddox Jones and Great Adamz as artists. The song is filled with holiday cheer and delivers an uplifting and feel-good message. In the words of Maddox Jones, “Me and Great Adamz loved working together on our single ‘Chasing Moments,’ and we got together a couple of weeks ago and wanted to write a Christmas song, something uplifting and feel good. This song is about celebrating each other at Christmas and building each other up.”

Both Maddox Jones and Great Adamz continue to make waves in their respective music scenes. Maddox Jones was awarded Songwriter of the Year, while Great Adamz won R&B/Afrobeats Artist of the Year at this year’s Northamptonshire Local Music Awards. The two artists originally met in 2022 and have since collaborated on multiple successful projects.

“It’s Christmas Time” is a testament to the talent and creativity of Maddox Jones and Great Adamz. The song is set to become a holiday classic, spreading joy and festive spirit to listeners. With their previous successes and growing fan bases, both artists are poised for continued success in their music careers.

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