Magixx to Release Debut Album in Early 2024


Nigerian sensation Magixx has revealed thrilling details about his much-anticipated debut album, set to launch in early 2024. The artist recently shared insights into his upcoming music and personal rebranding plans while addressing rumors concerning his association with Mavins.

In a recent interview with Naija FM, Magixx provided a glimpse into the album’s theme, stating that it revolves around the idea that many people live their lives in a perpetual state of anticipation. He explained how individuals often spend their childhood yearning to grow up and, as adults, become preoccupied with pursuing money and other ambitions without truly savoring life. Magixx’s forthcoming album promises to explore this profound concept.

The interview also addressed rumors surrounding Magixx’s connection with Mavins. He refuted speculation suggesting that he may have been removed from the record label due to his limited social media presence. Magixx clarified that he identifies more as a “physical” person and finds it challenging to engage with social media, particularly when deeply immersed in the creative process. He assured fans that his relationship with Mavins remains intact, dispelling any doubts about his association with the renowned label.

In an unexpected revelation, Magixx declared that there would be no music video for his hit single, “Maria.” This announcement surprised fans who eagerly anticipated a visual representation of the beloved track. However, Magixx has a unique vision for his music and has chosen to focus on other aspects of his career.

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