Mariseya Shares New Afrobeats Single “Connecta”

Rising Ghanaian musician based in the Netherlands Mariseya has unveiled her latest single titled “Connecta.” The song is a vibrant Afrobeats track that showcases Mariseya’s unique musical style. With her Dutch-Ghanaian heritage, Mariseya skillfully blends modern Afro-pop with urban, R&B, and classic African influences, creating a captivating sound that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Fluent in both English and Twi, Mariseya’s versatility as a musician shines through in her performances. She has graced stages at major festivals such as North Sea Jazz and LowLands, captivating audiences with her dynamic presence and infectious energy. Additionally, Mariseya has embarked on successful tours across Asia, further expanding her reach and connecting with diverse audiences.

“Connecta” is a testament to Mariseya’s ability to infuse her music with infectious rhythms, catchy melodies, and heartfelt lyrics. The song invites listeners to embrace the power of connection and celebrates the universal language of music.

Osafo Daniel
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