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Maxxcupid Unleashes Seductive Single “Overtime (OT)” Featuring MIKExANGEL

Maxxcupid Overtime Ot ArtworkMaxxcupid Overtime OT Artwork

Virginia-based singer-songwriter Maxxcupid has set the music scene ablaze with the release of his latest single, “Overtime (OT),” featuring the sensational MIKExANGEL. Released on April 12th, this seductive track brings a melodic dark vibe that is perfect for club nights or late-night drives, catering to a range of moods and serving as an empowering anthem for females.

“Overtime (OT)” is a captivating blend of Maxxcupid’s signature style and MIKExANGEL’s compelling artistry, creating an irresistible sonic experience that resonates with listeners. The track’s melodic allure and evocative lyrics make it a standout addition to contemporary R&B and soulful music.

Maxxcupid, known for his distinctive musical approach and captivating performances, has been making waves in the industry with his ability to craft emotionally charged and sonically rich compositions. With “Overtime (OT),” he continues to push creative boundaries and deliver a track that captivates audiences with its sultry energy and infectious allure.

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