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Mc Nel Outdoors Groove Sundays

Groove Sundays

The constant cry for day events has seen MC Nel, one of Ghana hottest DJs put together Groove Sundays, a day event put together to showcase the craft of DJs and introduce them to a new audience on The Gold Coast Report Network.

In a city that never sleeps and people that constantly want to have fun and enjoy, it is surprising that most event organizers have pushed everything to Accra’s already packed nightlife. Although the night scene still enjoys major patronage, there’s still an even greater number that would prefer to party while the sun shines.

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With both editions already done and a third one in the works, the event seeks to bring people from all walks of life out on a sunny Sunday afternoon to enjoy good music, an amazing network of great individuals, cocktails from the headline sponsor, Beefeater London Gin – a member of a Pernod Ricard group, and mingle with their friends. Held at Fika Tea House, Accra’s Boba Tea spot, both events were met with an amazing reception from the attendees who enjoyed great music from diverse genres from Afrobeats, Amapiano, House to Dancehall among others genres.

Mc Nel

The event was headline sponsored by Beefeater London Gin with supporting sponsorship from The Gold Coast Report, Fika Tea House, iSel Media, and Echo House Ghana Limited.

With the third edition coming off very soon, the host is looking to put on an even bigger show with a larger number of attendees as the first two editions were met with excitement and wild applause. MC Nel wants to create an atmosphere where people can still come out during the day and enjoy good music, and good ambiance and still make it home in time to watch their favorite Sunday shows. If you missed the first two editions here are a few pictures to let you know what you should expect at the third event.

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