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MeanAugustine Unveils His New Single ‘Free My Soul’


Rising Ghanaian Musician, MeanAugustine breaks free with the release of his much-anticipated single, “Free My Soul.” 

The versatile talent digs deep inside his soul and brings his best pen game to produce arguably the most emotive record since his rebrand. Known for producing authentic impassioned songs, MeanAugustine outperforms himself on this new one.

“Free My Soul” is both a personal and powerful record that not only charges MeanAugustine to be unshackled but calls on listeners to break free from anything that limits them.

With “Free My Soul,” MeanAugustine shows artistic maturity to create deep and emotional songs that resonate with listeners.

MeanAugustine has embraced his true potential with the release of this new song. From receiving “Blessings” to “Elevate,” he has now channeled the energy into inspiring his listeners to keep pushing even when times are hard.

“Free My Soul” was produced by Craytunes and his diapason production provides the right ambiance for MeanAugustine to freely flow and liberate his soul.

In a recent interview with Amplify Ghana, MeanAugustine disclosed that “self-belief, perseverance and the need to break free from all limitations” was the creative motivation for the new song.

I’m on a personal journey to free myself, my soul from things that hold me back. And thought why not have it on record to inspire my listeners as well,” he added.

“Free My Soul” is now available on all digital streaming platforms here

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