Meek Mill Hints at a Return to Ghana

Meek Mill
Meek Mill

American rapper, Meek Mill, has provided an explanation for deleting his “Jubilee House” video, citing respect for people as the reason behind his actions.

Meek Mill faced backlash after he shot and shared a video at Ghana’s presidential palace, the “Jubilee House,” back in December 2023. While he swiftly apologized and removed the video from the internet, he recently responded to a fan’s question on Twitter about why he deleted the video.

The fan asked, “Why did you delete the music video you shot when you came to Ghana?” To which Meek Mill responded, “They ain’t like it. I respect people.”

Additionally, the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper expressed his intentions to return to Ghana, stating, “I’m coming back to Ghana too.”

Meek Mill’s statement sheds light on the respect he holds for his fans and the importance of acknowledging when content doesn’t resonate with the audience. It also suggests his continued interest in connecting with his fans in Ghana and exploring future projects in the region.

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