Meet Addi Versatile – The New Guardian of the Ghetto

Addi Versatile
Addi Versatile

The Ghanaian artist is another exciting voice from one of the bustling coastal ghettos of Accra, carrying a torch of hope as he aims to spread more positivity in the world.

After years of cutting his teeth on the streets of Labadi and turning his situation around for the better, Addi Versatile finally has an ounce of the recognition he so badly deserves. His evolution from a simple dreamer in the ghetto to an achiever now idolized by countless Ghanaian youth has been as electric as the music he creates. But he has bigger ambitions. To the 27-year-old Afro-Dancehall star born Abraham Okpoti, this is just the beginning of something great; a golden age of success awaits, one that cements his role as the New Guardian of the Ghetto.

Addi Versatile
Addi Versatile

The unsung “Ghetto Hero” of his time, as attested by his breakthrough EP–of the same name–that brought him fame two years ago, Addi Versatile is another successful name to outgrow the ghetto. Like most kids in his situation, music became a sanctuary for fulfilling his hopes and dreams, a passion he pursued wholeheartedly. “I developed a strong liking for music when I was about 15,” Addi shares. “But everything changed when I heard Vybz Kartel for the first time. He became my source of inspiration to take this music thing as far as I can.” What others might have seen as a disadvantage, Addi turned into his greatest strength, producing a string of releases that have since made him a formidable voice in the Afro-Dancehall scene. 

Since announcing himself to the world in 2019 with ‘For Me,’ Addi has accrued other top songs such as ‘Real Friend’ with Shatta Movements Ara B and ‘Ghetto Hero.’ These hit songs from his 2021 debut EP stylistically reflect his experiences and still ring in the ears of today’s youth. To Addi, his music is all about bringing people together to the dancefloor under the message of positivity. Each song is a fresh opportunity to connect with fans and share another striking chapter of his experiences: “I strive to create a genuine connection with my listeners through relatable lyrics and captivating melodies. It’s all about bringing my unique perspective and storytelling to the table!”

Outside of taking charge of the streets that forged his soul, Addi is reaching for the stars: “One of my main goals is to appeal to a wider audience and connect with music lovers worldwide. I also aspire to perform at big music festivals and collaborate with some renowned artists in the industry.” His vision of creating and leaving behind a legacy worth passing on through music continues to be paramount to his humble dream of inspiring others. And with some exciting announcements coming soon, fans of Addi’s music can expect nothing but a spectacle from Labadi’s finest.

Addi Versatile’s vibrant new single, ‘Ronaldo,’ is available for streaming below

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