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Mega EJ Unleashes Genre-Fusing Single “Speed Dial”

Mega Ej
Mega EJ

Rising Ghanaian Afro-fusion musician Mega EJ has recently released his highly anticipated single titled “Speed Dial.” This track is set to solidify his status as a trendsetter, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary soundscapes.

“Speed Dial” is a pure expression of Mega EJ’s genre fusion power, combining rhythmic flows from dancehall and reggae on a boom bap type beat produced by renowned producer ‘Pappuy,’ who is based in Germany. Pappuy’s impressive background collaborating with artists and sound designers has resulted in a fruitful partnership with Mega EJ, with the duo having worked on five songs together. Pappuy’s production has been instrumental in shaping Mega EJ’s new fusion sound.

Mega Ej Speed Dial Cover
Mega ej speed dial cover

In anticipation of the release, Mega EJ expressed his excitement, stating, “Speed Dial is more than just a song; it’s an experience. I wanted to create something that would resonate with listeners on a visceral level, something that stays with them long after the music stops.”

With “Speed Dial,” Mega EJ showcases his versatility as an artist, pushing boundaries and defying genre expectations. The fusion of dancehall and reggae elements on a boom-bap beat creates a captivating and unique sonic experience that sets Mega EJ apart from his peers.

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