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Mēl Teams Up With Women For Debut Project “FOR MELANIN GIRLIES”


Born out of her desire to enforce creative collaboration among women in not just music but the entire space. Ghanaian sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist Mēl teams up colleague women in the music space for debut project, “fOR MELanin giRLiEs”.

The project is a first step to achieving a goal by calling on fellow creatives in Ghana and the diaspora to speak on topics dear to women but often overlooked by a patriarchal society”. FMG speaks on the themes of community building, abuse, self-love, and breaking from societal pressures and barriers.

For Melanin Girlies Artwork
For Melanin Girlies Artwork

Featuring Ria Boss, Seyyoh (of SuperJazzClub), Darkua, Sofie, KiKi Celine, Sh3lter, Ms Fu, Haeven Sofie, and Rie Osei. The follows her two pre-release songs Siren’s Call and Breathe which were released earlier in the year. With all songs produced and A&R’d by Mēl, FMG is described by Mēl as her way of laying the foundations for her fellow women artists to express themselves on subjects women are passionate about.

“fOR MELanin giRLiEs” is now available on all streaming platforms here

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