Melodic Yoza Releases New Reggae-Soul-Hip-Hop Fusion “Where The Love Go”

Melodic Yoza

Melodic Yoza, the talented artist hailing from New York, Jamaica, and Canada, has dropped an inspiring new single titled “Where The Love Go.” This reggae-soul-hop head-nodder seamlessly combines various genres, offering a message of unity and love in a world filled with chaos.

“Where The Love Go” is a soulful reminder that love endures, even in the face of contemporary turmoil. Melodic Yoza’s intention is to connect with audiences on a personal level, conveying a universal message of togetherness.

The Toronto-based artist’s diverse background is evident in the song’s genre-blending approach, fusing elements of R&B, soul, reggae, and hip-hop. The result is a heartwarming track with a profound message.

Melodic Yoza Where The Love Go
Where The Love Go cover

“My aim was to create a sonic experience that resonates with listeners on a deep level while also offering something new and exciting,” Melodic Yoza shared. “I draw inspiration from various artists but always strive to create a unique and authentic sound true to my artistic vision.”

Produced by Keylow Jules (known for working with Allan Rayman and Shotty Horroh), “Where The Love Go” addresses the cultural complexities of today. Melodic Yoza’s previous work has earned sync placements on popular TV shows, including “Jersey Shore” and “Kim’s Convenience.”

“Where The Love Go” serves as the first single from Melodic Yoza’s upcoming album, “3:22 Something Bigger Than Me.”

Hailing from New York, Jamaica, and Canada, Melodic Yoza is a genre-defying artist set on creating a musical style uniquely his own. Drawing inspiration from the diverse places he has called home, Melodic Yoza’s music combines reggae, hip-hop, dancehall, jazz, and pop, resulting in a personal formula that seamlessly blends classic sounds with modern innovation. With a steadfast commitment to his artistic principles, Melodic Yoza is a trailblazer breaking the boundaries of genre.

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