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Michael Abraham Releases New Single “LIVE TOO FAST DIE TOO YOUNG”

Michael Abraham has recently unveiled his latest song titled “LIVE TOO FAST DIE TOO YOUNG,” the second half of his double single ‘November.’ Following the release of the pop-infused counterpart “I CAN’T MAKE YOU LOVE ME,” Michael Abraham now shares a darker hip-hop/R&B track that explores themes of struggle, balance, and the complexities of living in the present moment.

Collaborating once again with Alex Taylor at his studio in North London, where most of Michael Abraham’s tape was created, “LIVE TOO FAST DIE TOO YOUNG” showcases his versatility as an artist. This introspective and emotive track delves into the conundrum of rushing towards the future while attempting to honor and appreciate the present.

In his song, Michael Abraham delves into the universal challenge of finding balance and meaning in life. He invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences and the struggle to navigate the complexities of the human condition. As we enter January, a time of reflection and preparation, “LIVE TOO FAST DIE TOO YOUNG” resonates deeply, offering a poignant soundtrack to our collective introspection.

To accompany the release, Michael Abraham has also unveiled the music video for “LIVE TOO FAST DIE TOO YOUNG” on his YouTube channel. The visually captivating video complements the song’s introspective and thought-provoking nature, creating a complete sensory experience for viewers.