Milly Wine Releases Catchy New Song “Your Love”

Milly Wine

Rising Nigerian artist Milly Wine has just released his latest single titled “Your Love.” This bouncy, mid-tempo record showcases Milly Wine’s slick songwriting as he laments the lack of effort from his partner and expresses his desire for their love. With its fun beat, catchy hook, and Milly’s undeniable talent, “Your Love” is sure to be a song that listeners will have on repeat.

Born on April 4th in Lagos, Milly Wine hails from a family of medical professionals. Highly versatile, Milly aims to create sounds from various genres including Afrobeats, pop, R&B, and more. Drawing inspiration from artists like Burna Boy, Justin Bieber, Don Toliver, Drake, and Wizkid, Milly Wine brings a feel-good vibe to audiences worldwide with his soft-singing ability.

Milly Wine Your Love
Milly wine your love

Milly Wine’s musical journey led him to signing with Smartworks Records and Eureka Creations, owned by Leriq, a renowned Nigerian producer and long-time collaborator of Burna Boy.

Milly Wine’s music is a reflection of his experiences, emotions, and his desire to spread positivity. He aims to make his listeners feel good about themselves and the world through his raw and undiluted music, which seamlessly blends the influences of Afrobeat, R&B, and fusion.

His goals are simple but ambitious. Milly Wine aspires to become a globally recognized artist, creating iconic art through timeless music that will inspire future generations. Additionally, he aims to break boundaries as an entertainment entrepreneur, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.