Mister Motivation Releases New Single “Acting Different”

Mister Motivation
Mister Motivation

Mister Motivation has unveiled a powerful new song titled “Acting Different,” radiating a confident and motivational vibe that seamlessly fuses the raw energy of urban life with a resolute pursuit of success. The track’s lyrics reflect resilience, conquering obstacles, and attaining greatness, resonating with a sense of self-assurance and an unwavering belief in transforming dreams into reality. The dynamic interplay of assertive verses and an uplifting hook encapsulates a narrative of triumph over adversity, celebrating the journey from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of accomplishment.

Featuring Netflix’s Rhythm & Flow contestant Beanz (@beanzgotbarz) and “The Bunker,” Mister Motivation (@ShaunLMurphy) “Acting Different” is on  the ‘Deluxe Version’ of his Summer 2022 body of work ‘The Audio Collection.’ Collaboratively written and composed by M.M., Keith Jones, Joshua Beltre, and Sir Dominique Jordan, the project’s production duties were expertly handled by Blair The MACHINE and fellow Pennsylvania-based creative Terian Mack.

Mister Motivation Acting Different

Mister Motivation, also known as Shaun T. Murphy, has journeyed from the heart of Barbados to the streets of Brooklyn, where he later joined the military. Despite experiencing remarkable growth during his service in the Army, Shaun found himself homeless, broke, and facing the need to make another significant move in his life within three months of transitioning to civilian life as a Veteran. Thus began his transformation into M.M., embarking on the creation of the 5M’s that not only changed his life but also impacted the countless lives of those who have heard him speak and taken his five-week ‘Wake The Beast’ course.

His high-level energy and stylish presentations uniquely combine music and spoken word poetry into his motivational speeches, leaving crowds of all sizes cheering and clamoring for more. During his motivational speeches, Shaun shares his story, along with the steps, systems, and strategies he used to awaken, rise up, and elevate his life. Today, Shaun owns several highly successful businesses, releases motivational music, and has collaborated with top curriculum experts to develop an online personal development curriculum.

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