Mlue Jay Releases Heartfelt Single “Grateful” Featuring Malcom Mufunde

Mlue Jay
Mlue Jay

Mlue Jay is excited to announce the release of his first single of the year, titled “Grateful” featuring renowned rapper Malcom Mufunde, winner of the Zim Hip-Hop “Best Verse” Award. “Grateful” is Mlue Jay’s attempt to show his appreciation to those who have supported and encouraged him throughout his musical journey.

“Grateful” is a song that pays homage to the people who have been there for Mlue Jay from the beginning. It serves as a token of his appreciation for their unwavering support, and a testament to the power of collective encouragement in pursuing one’s dreams.

Mlue Jay Grateful
Grateful cover art

After receiving two prestigious awards, including “Best Hip-Hop Musician” at the 2023 Byo Arts Awards and “Best Diaspora Musician” at the Zim Hip-Hop Awards, Mlue Jay felt it was only fitting to express his gratitude to his supporters through a beautiful song.

“Grateful” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at YeahWeLit Entertainment’s studios. The song itself was produced by ET, a talented producer based in the United States. The music video for “Grateful” was directed by Sangel Mallo, while Mlue Jay took charge of the editing process.

Watch ‘Grateful’ by Mlue Jay below and listen on all platforms here

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