Molombo and Bimmerboy! Drop Electrifying Collaboration “LAX”


A transcontinental rendezvous between Molombo, based in the USA, and Bimmerboy! from Belgium has birthed the infectious new single, “LAX.” The creative collision occurred when Bimmerboy! jetted to America for a modeling assignment, leading to an unexpected musical collaboration.

During their month-long escapade in the City of Angels, Molombo and Bimmerboy! embarked on a whirlwind adventure. As they shared tales of their journeys, something magical unfolded. Molombo laid down a beat, and Bimmerboy! began freestyling, resulting in the captivating track you’re listening to now.

LAX cover

This musical hurricane tore through Los Angeles, with Molombo’s eclectic influences blending into the dynamic sounds of “LAX.” Melding Jersey Beat with Trap and RnB, the track features intimate poetry, house drums, and deep alternative vocals. Molombo, a Congolese-American artist from Colorado, weaves laid-back pop-trap, pop-punk, and hip-hop rock into his unique sound.

About Molombo:

Molombo is on a mission to uplift spirits through immersive storytelling, fostering community connections. His musical manifesto spans genres, delivering pop-trap with a slice-of-life touch, pop-punk narratives of an alt-black experience, and hip-hop rock challenging systemic exploitation. Molombo draws inspiration from artists like Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Owl City, Lil Uzi Vert, and Asian Kung Fu Generation.

Collaborating with artists such as Goner, Jake Plus, July Bailey, Pyro, A K J, noodłeinthewok, lilflarethegoat, and Bimmerboy!, Molombo is recognized for his versatile approach. His Day One producer, HYDoThat AKA Sweeney, plays a crucial role in shaping Molombo’s distinct musical landscape. Notably, Molombo recently starred in the 2023 MTV Reality TV show “The Love Experiment.”

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