Monét Makes a Striking Return with Soulful R&B Single ‘Wanna Know’

Peckham’s rising singer-songwriter, Monét, has made a remarkable comeback with her latest single, “Wanna Know,” now available on all major streaming platforms. After a brief hiatus, Monét’s return is marked by a reflective and soulful single, infused with raw emotion that tugs at the heartstrings.

In “Wanna Know,” Monét delves deep into the intricacies of love and relationships. Her lyrics resonate with the experiences and emotions that so many can relate to, making this track an honest and poignant exploration of the human heart. Accompanied by a music video shot in various locations, Monét engages in an internal dialogue, attempting to understand her innermost feelings, which adds a visually striking layer to the song’s emotional depth.

What sets Monét’s “Wanna Know” apart is the introduction of a new sub-genre she playfully refers to as “chill R&B.” This unique blend combines Monét’s signature spoken-word style with dreamlike beats crafted by JSTRNGS. The result is a melodic masterpiece that is both soothing and thought-provoking.

Speaking about the single, Monét shared, “[‘Wanna Know’] is an honest track about navigating through different stages of emotion. For me, it’s important to be as authentic as possible in my music so that people are able to connect with it.”

Monét’s authenticity shines through in “Wanna Know.” Her ability to convey deep emotions and create a connection with her audience is at the heart of her artistry. The single stands as a testament to her commitment to delivering music that resonates with people on a personal level.

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Osafo Daniel
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