Mr Eazi and Angélique Kidjo Deliver a Pan-African Masterpiece in “Òròkórò” Music Video

Mr Eazi And Angélique Kidjo
Mr Eazi and Angélique Kidjo

Nigerian music maven Mr Eazi has released a stunning music video for his latest track “Òròkórò,” featuring legendary five-time Grammy-award-winning Beninese-French icon Angélique Kidjo. Released Last week Friday, the music video is a testament to Eazi’s artistic prowess and his commitment to promoting a Pan-African sound that resonates across the globe.

Produced by Kel-P and part of Eazi’s acclaimed debut album “The Evil Genius,” “Òròkórò” exudes a refreshing Pan-Africanist vibe that seamlessly weaves together diverse elements from the continent’s rich musical landscape. The music video, shot by Thomas Leloup from the French creative collective Minuit/Une, artfully complements the spiritual essence of the track, incorporating West African aesthetics and cultural motifs set against the backdrop of Paris and the majestic Forêt de Fontainebleau. ICYMI “The Evil Genius” was among our Best Albums in 2023.

Òròkórò Bts
Òròkórò bts

Throughout the visually striking video, ceremonial rituals unfold, with Eazi assuming the role of a prophet, conveying a message of thanksgiving and gratitude. Kidjo, a beacon of strength and resilience, lends her distinguished vocals, enriching the song’s narrative with her powerful presence. The video beautifully captures the vibrancy of West African culture and spirituality, underscoring the seamless synergy between Eazi and Kidjo.

Initially featuring a sample of Kidjo’s 90s hit “Wombo Lombo,” “Òròkórò” underwent a creative metamorphosis when the 2023 Polar Music Prize laureate signed on. The lyrics, predominantly in Yoruba, convey a profound message of gratitude and divine favor, echoing the song’s spiritual underpinnings. Eazi’s description of Kidjo’s home base, Ouidah, Benin, where the final touches for the single were made, as “a very spiritual place” further underscores the song’s deep-rooted spiritual essence.

Òròkórò Behind The Scenes
Òròkórò behind the scenes

“Òròkórò” stands as a testament to Mr Eazi’s commitment to promoting the diversity and richness of African music, and his collaboration with Angélique Kidjo elevates the track to a new level of artistry and cultural significance. The music video is a captivating celebration of African creativity and musical ingenuity, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of “Òròkórò.”

Experience the mesmerizing collaboration between Mr Eazi and Angélique Kidjo in the music video for “Òròkórò” and embrace the Pan-African spirit that transcends borders and unites hearts.