Muktarh Unveils New Single “Young Bad Boy”

Muktarh Young Bad Boy ArtworkMuktarh Young Bad Boy Artwork

Nigerian indie artiste Muktarh has taken the music scene by storm with the release of his latest single, “Young Bad Boy.” With a new African sound reminiscent of the greats like DMX and Tupac Shakur, Muktarh has artfully infused afro sounds with originality, passion, and depth into the realm of hip-hop rap music.

Muktarh’s music is sculpted with messages of hope, street comeback stories, and ghetto hip-hop vibes, meant to offer encouragement and inspiration to struggling street artistes. As a young and inspiring rap artiste from Nigeria, Muktarh brings street-infused vibes and catchy lyrics to the table, delivering a top-notch sound and relatable energy.

Adding an amazing flow and rap poetry to the hip-hop dynamics reminiscent of greats like DMX, Muktarh brings a more African and street feel to the hip-hop culture. With a bouncing energy and an incredible rhyme pattern, “Young Bad Boy” evolves into a sound with infectious energy and promises a memorable listening experience.

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