Mula Gad’s “One World” Ft Laura RudeWig Brings Hope to the world

Mula Gad One World
One World Cover

In a world often marked by divisions and discord, there are those who use the universal language of music to mend what’s torn and remind us of our shared humanity. “One World,” the heartfelt collaboration between the multitalented Mula Gad and the internationally renowned artist Laura Rudewig, is an anthem of love and unity that transcends borders.

Mula Gad’s keen interest for tourism and charity defines his Love to promote world peace, His music is a rich tapestry woven from the threads of Afrobeat, highlife, Dancehall and contemporary influences. With each note he plays and each lyric he sings, Mula Gad carries with him the spirit of unity that has the power to resonate across continents.

Laura Rudewig, an European based artist proudly signed to the prestigious Scars of Louise label, possesses a voice that defies boundaries. At its core, “One World” is an anthem that celebrates love and unity. Mula Gad’s distinctive Tourism and musical fusion, combined with Laura Rudewig’s celestial vocals, creates an atmosphere where differences dissolve, leaving only our shared humanity. The lyrics are a call to come together, a reminder that in our interconnected world, love and unity should prevail.

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