Mula Gad’s ‘Ozim zim’ Making Waves on the Global Music Scene

Mula Gad Ozim zim
Ozim zim Cover

In the vibrant tapestry of the global music scene, few names have been making waves quite like Mula Gad. The Ghanaian Tourist and musician has become a shining star whose melodies resonate not only in his homeland but also far beyond borders.

What sets Mula Gad’s music apart is the traveler’s soul embedded within every composition. His lyrics are windows to the world, allowing listeners to embark on journeys of their own through the magic of music.

“Ozimzim” one of his hit single seem to be catching some buzz around the Globe and he has promised to keep pushing his music from Ghana to the rest of the world.

Beyond his musical talents, Mula Gad Drive for Tourism is unmatched as he tries to always connect people through his music and philanthropic endeavors. He is actively involved in various Tourism and Charitable initiatives. His commitment to social causes reflects the essence of his music and Life as tourist that brings unity, love, and hope.

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