‘My Future is Rich in Artistry’ – Black Sherif

Black Sherif US Concert

In a recent interview with CNN’s Larry Modowo on the African Voices Programme, Black Sherif, one of Ghana’s leading Afrobeats artists and the Artiste of the Year, shared his excitement about his progress in the music industry. He expressed that fans should anticipate more immersive and soul-touching music from his label in the coming years.

Black Sherif mentioned that his future is “rich in artistry” as new ideas keep emerging, both sonically and visually. He revealed that he chose to focus solely on his music career after high school, abandoning other interests like football.

Describing most of his songs as “modern highlife with reggae influences,” Black Sherif credited his parents’ love for music for his ability to create resonating lyrics and rhythms. He mentioned that his father introduced him to reggae music, while his mother’s preferences for artists like Alpha Blondy and Adane Best influenced his taste in music.

Regarding his debut album, “The Villain I Never Was,” released in 2022, Black Sherif explained that he chose to work solo on the project because he had a lot to express. He expressed his amazement at his global appeal and the overwhelming response from his fans.

Despite his rapid rise to fame, Black Sherif remains focused on doing what’s best for himself. He emphasized that his feelings and life experiences serve as the inspiration for his music, allowing him to connect with his audience on a deep and personal level.