Myra Kain Unveils New Afropop Anthem “Someone Else”

Myra Kain
Myra Kain

Myra Kain, the talented artist with an ear for captivating rhythms and a heart for meaningful lyrics, has just released her latest hit, “Someone Else.” This Afropop anthem is an infectious blend of African musical essence, designed to get listeners moving and feeling empowered.

The lyrics of “Someone Else” take you on a journey through the aftermath of a challenging romance. Myra Kain’s expressive vocals convey the feeling of being tossed aside and underappreciated, with lines like “Wasting my time, You couldn’t stand me right? My love just bled out.” As the beats pick up, they reflect the narrator’s growth and healing, singing, “But now that I’m better, Baby, you want me, want me.”

Myra Kain Someone Else
Someone Else cover

The chorus serves as a powerful declaration of independence, breaking free from the chains of toxic love, with the lyrics “I found someone who will love me.” In the bridge and outro, the song celebrates self-love and wishes happiness for both the narrator and their past love.

A burst of energy in the rap section of the song signals the narrator’s newfound strength and clarity, standing tall and refusing to accept mistreatment any longer.

“Someone Else” is not just a song; it’s a musical journey from heartache to self-love, guided by the vibrant sounds of Afropop. The rhythms speak of discovery, the beats tell tales of resilience, and the melodies sing of empowerment.

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