Mzvee Offers Valuable Advice to Emerging Artists: Be Patient and Choose Your Collaborators Wisely


Renowned Ghanaian music sensation, Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, popularly known by her stage name Mzvee, has shared invaluable advice with emerging artists, urging them to exercise extreme patience and carefully select their collaborators in the music industry.

The “Natural Girl” hitmaker, who has carved out a successful career in the music scene, highlighted the presence of individuals with questionable intentions in the industry who are eager to exploit young musicians. These unscrupulous individuals often use emerging artists for their own gain and then discard them when they no longer serve their interests.

In a recent interview with Amansan Krakye on Property FM in Cape Coast, Mzvee emphasized the need for emerging artists to exercise patience and discernment when navigating the complex landscape of the music industry.

“When I’m asked to advise people about the music and stuff, the one thing I say is to be very patient. There are good people and bad people and people who are ready to exploit you and use you and just leave you because they don’t think about you but themselves first,” Mzvee cautioned.

She went on to stress the competitive nature of the music industry, where emerging talents face numerous challenges in their quest for recognition. The intense competition often leads artists to make hasty decisions, but Mzvee believes that patience is key to finding the right path and the right people to collaborate with.

“The space is very competitive. People are going through so much just to get their names heard and their voices heard and their faces seen, so you need to be extremely patient to find the right people to work with,” Mzvee advised.

Mzvee’s own journey to success in the music industry serves as a testament to the importance of patience and discernment. Her advice resonates with the experiences of many emerging artists who aspire to make their mark in the Ghanaian music scene.

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