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Naimah Releases Collaborative Single “Scatta” featuring Owen Ros, VenusRaps, and Sarmyfire


Singer-songwriter Naimah has teamed up with Owen Ros, VenusRaps, and Sarmyfire for their vibrant collaboration titled “Scatta.” This energetic and captivating song was born out of the creative energy of the Searching for Paradise studio camp in Johannesburg, showcasing the diverse talents of the artists involved.

“Scatta” is a celebration of love, desire, and the excitement of taking a chance on romance without hesitation. The track seamlessly fuses Afro beats, hip hop, and R&B genres, combining Naimah’s soulful vocals, Sbo Gyre’s rhythmic flow, and VenusRaps’ poetic lyricism. Produced by Sarmyfire, Versatile, Lee Global, and Owen Ros, the song’s infectious rhythm and lively beats are sure to get listeners dancing.

Naimah Scatta
Naimah scatta artwork

Naimah, a singer-songwriter born in Zambia and based in South Africa, showcases her African influence in her music. She creatively brings together sounds from various genres, including afrobeats, pop, dancehall, R&B, hip hop, and South African deep house. Her debut EP, “Goal Digger,” features collaborations with established and upcoming artists in Southern Africa, exploring the fusion of R&B, hip hop, and Afropop.

Naimah’s music reflects real-life experiences and encourages listeners to stay focused, live life to the fullest, work on self-improvement, and show kindness and love to others. As an artist and creative entrepreneur, Naimah is setting herself apart with her cross-border sound, uplifting lyrical content, and collaborations. She is also dedicated to mentoring other artists and establishing herself as a high-value presence in the music industry.

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