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Nana Fofie Joins Nicki Minaj’s Record Label

Nana Fofie
Nana Fofie

Ghana’s Nana Fofie has joined the list of feisty Ghanaian women making waves in the diaspora. The artist signed a highly anticipated deal with Nicki Minaj’s label. Nana just announced the news herself via Instagram yesterday.

In 2018, Nicki Minaj played a track by Dutch-Ghanaian singer Nana Fofie in her Queen Radio broadcast. A year later, there was already talk of her being signed by the Young Money superstar. It then became quiet around this news, but Nana has now put her signature.

Nana Fofie Shot By Ohene Kay Photography
(nana fofie shot by ohene kay photography)

The news came out last night while the singer was a guest in a new Queen Radio. On Instagram, we see Nana Fofie popping into Nicki’s studio for the recording of the show and on Nana’s story itself, we see her toasting with other artists London Hill, Tate Kobang, and Rico Danna who also sign with the label. It is the second time in a short time that a Dutch singer signs with a superstar.

Nana Fofie recently released the official music video for “Selling Dreams”. “Selling Dreams” is a delicious summer jam, chock-full of smooth Afro-pop flavors and the scrumptious voice of Nana Fofie, whose sound is vaguely reminiscent of Sade’s voluptuous sophistic-pop.

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