Natalie Clark Drops Soulful Indie R&B Tune “Late Train”

Scottish singer-songwriter Natalie Clark has graced us with her latest release, “Late Train.” This alternative indie R&B song showcases Natalie’s unique blend of captivating vocals and evocative storytelling, creating a sonic experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

The song opens with an introspective tone as Natalie sings: “Lift the rug from under my feet Since it started I can’t get to sleep I felt it coming like a late train then I knew it would never be the same But it’s over now It’s going to get easier now”

As the song progresses, the chorus delivers a message of strength and resilience: “‘cause you are stronger, you belong now No no it won’t knock you down Please come here, I’ll take away all of your fear No no it won’t knock you down”

Natalie Clark late night
Natalie Clark late night cover

Natalie’s ability to seamlessly blend alternative, indie, and R&B influences is a testament to her artistry. Her expressive vocals, combined with heartfelt lyrics, create a deeply emotive atmosphere that draws listeners into her world.

Natalie’s journey from Scotland to the United States has been marked by significant accomplishments, including being handpicked to open for Grammy award-winning artists and gaining recognition from industry giants like Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton. Her appearance on NBC’s The Voice solidified her reputation as an artist with a “cool and powerful” voice.

The release of “Late Train” showcases Natalie’s continued evolution as an artist, as she fearlessly explores genres and emotions. Her Livewire E.P, from which “Late Train” is taken, has already garnered attention in the sync licensing world, with tracks featured in Netflix shows and international commercial campaigns. You can also check out our review on her previous song “Mission” here