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NellaLeah Releases Energetic Soca Single “Tun It Up”

Nellaleah - Tun It Up
NellaLeah - Tun It Up

NellaLeah, a talented artist hailing from Jamaica, has recently unveiled her vibrant Soca single titled “Tun It Up.” With its infectious rhythm and a touch of Jamaican flair, this song showcases NellaLeah’s love for Soca and Calypso music, taking listeners on a lively musical journey. “Tun It Up” was released on February 16th, 2024, marking NellaLeah’s first venture into the Soca genre.

NellaLeah’s passion for Soca and Calypso music extends beyond her musical career. From participating in numerous carnivals in the Caribbean to playing the steel pan, her connection to these genres runs deep. The inspiration for “Tun It Up” came to NellaLeah over 13 years ago when she was in her college dorm in the middle of winter in New Jersey. Missing her home and experiencing “carnival tabanca” (a longing for carnival and Soca music), she decided to pay homage to her love for Soca by writing the song.

After years of holding onto the song, NellaLeah felt it was time to release “Tun It Up” to the world. Teaming up with the talented and Grammy award-winning producer Jason “JG” Gilbert, she brought the song to life, infusing it with the vibrant energy that is synonymous with Soca music.

Soca music, a twist on Calypso originating from Trinidad and Tobago, holds a special place in NellaLeah’s heart. It has become an integral part of Caribbean culture, particularly during carnival celebrations, including in Jamaica. NellaLeah, having been exposed to music from a young age, began singing in the choir at the age of 5 and wrote her first song at 10 years old. Her deep roots in Caribbean music and culture are evident in all aspects of her life, including her music.

With her diverse experiences living in different countries, NellaLeah’s musical style has evolved into a unique blend of various genres and influences. She possesses the creative ability to deconstruct music, harmonies, and rhythms, while seamlessly fusing sounds from different genres. This versatility allows her to write and create remarkable songs in genres such as pop, reggae, dancehall, R&B, jazz, rock, soul, and now Soca.

With “Tun It Up,” NellaLeah showcases her talent for infusing Soca with her own artistic flair. Her ability to adapt and create unique musical works of art sets her apart as a versatile and captivating artist.

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