Nenerecordsmiami Unveils Latest Track, ‘La música te vuelve adicto,’ Blending Cuban Roots with Miami Vibes

Miami-based artist Alberto García González, known as Nenerecordsmiami, has recently dropped his latest single, “La música te vuelve adicto.” Born in Havana, Cuba, Alberto’s musical journey began against the backdrop of a humble yet resilient family. Growing up in challenging circumstances, his passion for music emerged as a beacon of hope.

Navigating his way through a technological career, Alberto’s life took a transformative turn when he discovered his love for being a DJ in 2004. Influenced by fellow artists, he embraced the world of music, eventually giving birth to Nenerecords. Despite facing challenges, Alberto’s determination led him to become a dynamic artist, shaping his unique sound.

“La música te vuelve adicto” reflects Nenerecordsmiami’s fusion of Cuban roots with the vibrant energy of Miami. The track invites listeners to experience the addictive allure of music, showcasing Alberto’s distinctive style. As Nenerecordsmiami embarks on this musical journey, anticipate a wave of Miami-inspired beats resonating globally. Stay tuned for the rhythmic tales that Nenerecordsmiami is set to weave, capturing the essence of both his Cuban heritage and the pulsating spirit of Miami