Niashun is hard up on impressive new release ‘Daama’

Niashun Daama Cover

Daama‘ is the big new entry from the fast-rising star following the success of his previous song ‘OK’ and it has our attention. Niashun’s style is outright compelling – a standout of the Demag-produced song which we’re confident will quickly occupy the heads of many upon their first play.

The ‘OK‘ singer has kicked off the week with his second solo single ‘Daama’. Stream or download ‘Daama’ across all major digital platforms here:

Niashun Daama
Niashun Daama Cover Art

Translating to “nothing”, ‘Daama‘ or “m3ni daama” (I have nothing) – as it is mostly expressed when flat broke – is a song for the people. There is no over-analysis from Niashun. He sings in very relatable terms, exploring how the situation continues to wreck his confidence and happiness as a young man before turning to God: “Tutu m’anamon yi ma me 3hn, buebue kwan bi ma me 3hn?/Paapa sesa me hy3br3, afei de3 m’ay3 wild ooh“.

Niashun Daama Photoshoot

With how things are going ‘Daama‘ came at the right time“, Niashun shared. “It captures a state I feel many are in, especially the youth. But like I said in my previous release everything will be ‘OK’. Things will get better, hopefully“.

Between his official debut – ‘OK’ (2022) – and now, Niashun has gone on to become an impressive act with a style that has so far won him big successes and recently an approval from one of radio’s finest voices in Ghana, Andy Dosty. He has us excited and we’re keen on experiencing the brunt of his potential.

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