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NieceyNi Releases Captivating New Single “Round n Round”

Rising artist NieceyNi has unveiled her latest single, “Round n Round.” This heartfelt song, written almost two years ago, holds deep personal significance for NieceyNi, as it reflects her journey of self-discovery and resilience in the face of feeling undervalued by others.

“Round n Round” was born during a spontaneous creative session. NieceyNi found herself on a live stream with her friend B ah leader, accompanied by Santi who began playing a captivating beat. In that moment, NieceyNi felt an instant connection and began freestyling, allowing her emotions and experiences to flow through her lyrics.

At the time of writing the song, NieceyNi felt undervalued by those around her. “Round n Round” became an outlet for her to express her innermost thoughts and aspirations. It serves as a reminder to herself and others that although she may not be popular in the present, her unique sound will one day captivate the masses.

For NieceyNi, “Round n Round” is more than just a song; it is a piece of her soul that she has carefully guarded and cherished. Keeping it to herself for so long, she wanted to preserve the purity of her creation without the opinions of others clouding her vision. However, the time has come for NieceyNi to share this piece of herself with the world.

Osafo Daniel
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