Nigerian Music Duo Guice n Jin Releases New Single “Catfish”

Guice N Jin Catfish
Guice n jin Catfish

African duo Guice n Jin, hailing from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, has recently released a new song titled “Catfish.” This Hiplife track showcases their unique blend of musical influences, incorporating elements of Ga, Twi, and English languages.

“Catfish” is not only a Hiplife song but also a love song, adding an emotional depth to the vibrant beats and catchy melodies. Guice n Jin’s ability to blend different languages and musical styles creates a dynamic and captivating listening experience.

The duo, consisting of talented artists from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, aims to showcase their heritage while pushing the boundaries of their sound. Guice n Jin’s music pays tribute to their roots while embracing new sounds and genres, ranging from R&B to Afro and dancehall. Their compositions serve as a medium of communication, allowing them to express themselves and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

As Guice n Jin continues to make their mark in the music industry, their unique blend of Hiplife, love, and cultural influences sets them apart. “Catfish” is a testament to their creativity and musical talent, leaving listeners eager to explore more of their work.

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