NVIRV Unveils Vibrantly Sensual Afrobeats Single “Touch”


Atlanta-based Alté artist and filmmaker NVIRV (pronounced Naira) has released a captivating new single, “Touch,” marking a significant evolution in her sound and delivery. The track seamlessly blends feel-good Afrobeats rhythms with the entrancing vibes of Amapiano, infused with contemporary pop influences, resulting in an upbeat, fun, and creatively compelling approach to storytelling.

As an award-winning Nigerian-American recording artist, creative director, and filmmaker, NVIRV has established herself as a genre-bending force in the music industry, crafting a fusion of Afrobeats, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul, known as Alté. Her music has garnered widespread recognition, receiving radio broadcast not only across the US but also in countries such as the UK, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Nigeria, and Australia. With an impressive repertoire including 3 studio albums, 6 mixtapes, 9 film festival selections, and numerous film/television song placements, NVIRV’s artistic prowess extends beyond music into the realm of visual storytelling.

Nvirv Touch Artwork
Nvirv Touch Artwork

In 2022, NVIRV embarked on an exciting new venture into scripted works with the creation of her debut narrative film, “In the Stillness,” serving as the visual complement to her forthcoming studio album release of the same name. Both projects delve into non-traditional topics about love, artistry, culture, and self-discovery, offering a unique and immersive experience for her audience.

“Touch” represents a clear evolution in NVIRV’s sound and delivery, showcasing her ability to seamlessly fuse culture and music genres into something truly special. The track’s vibrant and sensual essence, coupled with its captivating blend of Afrobeats and Amapiano, reflects NVIRV’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of her artistry while staying true to her roots and influences.

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