OMV Unveils Highly Anticipated Single “Tinuke”


Visionary musical force Oma Nikoro, popularly known as “OMV,” has launched a highly anticipated hit single, “Tinuke,” signaling a new chapter in his musical exploration. This infectious track captures OMV’s signature energy and innovation, promising to captivate audiences with its dynamic blend of musical genres and compelling storytelling.

Tinuke” is a testament to OMV’s unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, offering listeners an immersive sonic experience that transcends conventional genres. This lead single showcases OMV’s ability to fuse elements of Afrobeats into a mesmerizing tapestry of sound, inviting audiences into a world where emotion and innovation converge in a captivating blend of rhythm and melody.

Omv Tinuke
Omv tinuke cover art

Hailing from Delta State, Nigeria, OMV has been a prominent figure in the local music scene, captivating audiences with his dynamic performances and genre-defying compositions. His unique blend of Afro fusion brings a fresh perspective to the music landscape, creating a sound that is both accessible and groundbreaking. The compelling fusion of drums, bass, conga, saxophone, and the shekere results in an immersive experience that leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

Tinuke” promises to push the boundaries of musical exploration even further, offering audiences a glimpse into OMV’s artistry and his ability to craft compelling narratives through his music. This release is a celebration of innovation, energy, and the unifying power of music, inviting listeners to embrace the dynamic fusion of genres and rhythms that define his musical identity.

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