Original Bris Releases Inspiring New Single: ‘When You Wake Up’

Original Bris
Original Bris

Zambian based musican Original Bris Recording and Performing Artist, has graced the music world with his latest single, ‘When You Wake Up.’ His musical journey, which began with the release of his first studio single in 2013, has been marked by impressive progress and advancement over the years.

Original Bris’s remarkable sound evolution is evident in his catalog, showcasing his dedication to improvement. With each song, he captures his growth, experiences, and the continuous development of his artistry.

Original Bris When You Wake Up
When You Wake Up Cover

‘When You Wake Up’ is a testament to Original Bris’s personal and musical journey. The song delivers an inspiring message, encouraging listeners to navigate life’s challenges, learn from mistakes, and continue to move forward.

Through his music, Original Bris invites the audience to be part of his growth and development, turning his experiences into memorable tunes.

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