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Orrin Drops Futuristic Single “SORRY NOT” from the “Age of Tomorrow” EP

Orrin, the artist known for his viral fame as a “cyborg sent by a higher civilization to warn humans about the impending apocalypse,” has released a highly anticipated single titled “SORRY NOT.” This track is part of his upcoming EP, “Age of Tomorrow,” and showcases his ability to blend various genres, including hip-hop, R&B, techno, and dance.

Moving away from his cyborg persona, Orrin demonstrates maturity and indifference in “SORRY NOT.” The accompanying music video, set in the vibrant clubs of Bushwick, New York City, captures the essence of the NYC nightlife scene. This release marks a pivotal moment in Orrin’s journey, as he transitions from viral fame to becoming a cross-genre innovator.

With a substantial following of 250K on TikTok and 50K on YouTube, Orrin’s promotional efforts are set to reach a wide audience. His unique mission and persona have not hindered his ability to create catchy, influential, and forward-thinking music. “SORRY NOT” showcases Orrin’s futuristic sounds, combining screwed and chopped elements with punchy, trippy beats, infectious melodies, and robotic vocals.

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