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Orrin Unveils Genre-Bending EP “IN MY BAG”


Orrin, the multifaceted artist, has unveiled his latest EP, featuring the captivating opening track “IN MY BAG.” This project represents a bold fusion of hip-hop, dance, techno, and house music, inspired by Orrin’s immersive experiences in Berlin’s dynamic club scene, including renowned venues like Berghain and Kit Kat.

The EP, meticulously crafted over two years, serves as a testament to Orrin’s artistic evolution and his ability to seamlessly blend American rap and R&B with the pulsating sounds of European dance music. “IN MY BAG” and the entire EP delve into a diverse range of themes, including heartbreak, maturity, Black identity in America, and the impact of living in a digital society. These themes resonate deeply with Orrin’s personal and cultural journey, offering a profound and introspective musical experience for listeners.

Orrin’s exploration of diverse musical genres and thematic depth sets “IN MY BAG” apart as a project that defies traditional boundaries and embraces a spirit of innovation. The EP not only showcases Orrin’s musical versatility but also serves as a platform for meaningful storytelling and introspection.

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