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OSA Unveils Emotionally Charged Single “USED TO” Featuring Hector B

Osa Used To.OSA Used To. ARtwork

Renowned artist OSA has astounded fans with the release of his latest single, “USED TO,” featuring the exceptional talent of Hector B. This poignant guitar hip-hop ballad delves into themes of nostalgia and lost love, weaving together haunting melodies, raw lyrical honesty, and a unique fusion of styles that resonate with the heart’s deepest reflections.

“USED TO” is an emotional odyssey that invites listeners on a journey through the lingering memories of love and the growth found in its wake. Hector B’s captivating vocals enhance the track, bridging hip-hop’s intensity with R&B’s soulful calm, creating an experience that echoes the bittersweet beauty of what once was.

OSA, whose artist name symbolizes ‘God’ in the Edo language, proudly represents the vibrant culture of Benin City, Nigeria. As a first-generation Nigerian in New Jersey, his music serves as a creative amalgamation of his rich heritage and contemporary influences.

With a remarkable ability to navigate different musical styles, including Afrobeats, Hip-Hop, R&B, and experimental, OSA’s artistic expression is influenced by the likes of Kanye West, J Cole, and other musical icons. His debut EP, “Spectrum of Emotions” (2021), showcased his talent for blending traditional rhythms with modern melodies across six distinct tracks.

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