Paramount Gizzy Unveils New Single “Ojuju”

Paramount GizzyParamount Gizzy

The emerging musical duo Paramount Gizzy is making waves with the release of their latest single, “Ojuju”. This poignant track offers listeners an introspective journey into the heart of human experiences, articulated through the universal language of music and the distinct flavor of Nigerian Pidgin English.

“Ojuju” stands as more than a song; it is an exploration of life’s inherent duality, capturing the essence of struggle and resilience against the backdrop of hope. Paramount Gizzy uses their unique sound to bridge cultural divides, delivering a message that resonates with listeners worldwide. Through “Ojuju”, Paramount Gizzy delves into the complex tapestry of human emotions and societal dichotomies—good versus bad, love against hate, and the stark contrast between wealth and poverty.


The song is a testament to personal trials and the relentless spirit of perseverance, underscored by a deep-seated belief in progress and the potential for a brighter future. On the inspiration behind the single, Paramount Gizzy shares, “Our journey inspired ‘Ojuju’—from the struggles we’ve faced to the milestones we’ve achieved. It’s about acknowledging our battles, embracing our growth, and inspiring others to hold onto hope. We’re here to make our mark, and ‘Ojuju’ is just the beginning.” Now available on all major digital music platforms, “Ojuju” showcases Paramount Gizzy’s commitment to creating impactful music.

The duo invites everyone to experience the song’s powerful narrative, which speaks to the resilience of the human spirit and the shared dream of a better life. 2 About Paramount Gizzy: Paramount Gizzy, the up-and-coming duo, has captivated listeners with their innovative approach to music. Their ability to blend diverse genres with the rich narratives of Nigerian Pidgin English sets them apart in the music industry.

As they continue to carve out their unique space, Paramount Gizzy is not just seeking to make music—they’re on a mission to inspire, connect, and resonate with audiences across the globe.

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