PHIL CLASIQ Releases Infectious Afrobeats Song “BABY GIRL”

Phil Clasiq

Rising Nigerian musician PHIL CLASIQ has recently released a new Afrobeats song titled “BABY GIRL.”

This rhythmic masterpiece, “BABY GIRL” transcends musical boundaries, offering listeners an enchanting voyage into the essence of authentic love and tranquility. The song seamlessly blends traditional African drum with contemporary modern melody, creating an unforgettable Afrobeats rhythm. This harmonious fusion transcends cultural boundaries, inviting a diverse audience to groove to the celebration of love.

Phil Clasiq Baby Girl
Baby girl cover art

With a commitment to storytelling through music, PHIL CLASIQ goes beyond being an artist; he is a sonic storyteller. His magnetic energy and bright smile are ready to ignite playlists and souls alike. “BABY GIRL” showcases Draqq’s ability to captivate listeners with his unique blend of afrobeats, leaving them craving more of his infectious sound.

PHIL CLASIQ’s release of “BABY GIRL” contributes to the ever-growing catalog of Afrobeats music, showcasing the artist’s talent and adding to the diverse range of sounds within the genre.