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Pizzaman ChickenMan Fights Back Against Explosive Job Scam!

Pizzaman Chickenman Employment Scam
Pizzaman Chickenman Employment Scam

CEQA Foods and Beverages Operators of Pizzaman Chickenman, a leading name in the food and beverage industry, has recently encountered an unfortunate situation involving unauthorised individuals posing as representatives of the brand to scam people by seekpayment to secure employment.

Despite Pizzaman Chickenman’s legitimate efforts to recruit staff for their soon-to-be-opened branches across all regions in Ghana, these imposters have taken advantage of the situation. They are using platforms like TikTok to advertise fake employment opportunities, misleading the public and tarnishing the company’s reputation.
Pizzaman Chickenman has issued an official statement regarding this matter:

Pizzaman Letter

Pizzaman Chickenman emphasises that all legitimate recruitment efforts will be communicated through official channels only. The company urges the public to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to their brand.

The only legitimate way to apply is by sending your CV and cover letter to the company’s email at jobs@ceqalimited.com , For any inquiries, you should call 0552817981 or text the brand’s verified Instagram page.

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