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Precinct Phantom Drops Electrifying Single “In A Line” featuring Kemetstry

Precinct Phantom
Precinct Phantom

UK rapper Precinct Phantom has once again delivered a captivating musical experience with his latest release, “In A Line,” featuring fellow UK rapper Kemetstry. This throwback track from last fall showcases Precinct Phantom’s signature style and lyrical prowess, accompanied by a grinding electronic beat that will keep listeners hooked from start to finish.

“In A Line” is a one-two punch that pushes listeners through to the other side, with its quippy lyricism and infectious energy. Precinct Phantom’s clever wordplay and Kemetstry’s dynamic presence create a powerful synergy that elevates the track to new heights.

Leeds-based emcee Precinct Phantom has been an active figure in the UK underground rap scene since at least 2009. His journey began with interviewing former battle rapper Professor Green over MSN, and he has since made a name for himself through his music and contributions to publications like Wordplay Magazine. With a focus on his own music career, Precinct Phantom has continued to evolve as an artist, consistently delivering captivating tracks that resonate with audiences.

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Listen to “In A Line” by Precinct Phantom featuring Kemetstry

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