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Priddy Ugly featured on Apple Music Rap Life Africa

Priddy Ugly Rap Life
Priddy Ugly Rap life

This month’s cover star for Rap Life Africa is South African rapper, Priddy Ugly (real name Serunya Moloi).

Alongside Priddy Ugly, Rap Life Radio also features Nigerian titans PsychoYP & Jeriq’s “Disintegrate” as well as Ghanian

Spotlight On

Priddy Ugly has spent over a decade perfecting his style, lyrical prowess and storytelling to become a renowned figure in SA hip-hop. With his latest album DUST (2024), the rapper marks the end of an era in his illustrious career, as he rounds off his 3-part musical series that follows hard-hitting albums SOIL (2021) and MUD (2022).

First To Know

“I’m honoured and grateful to Apple Music for putting us on the cover of their Rap Life playlist,” Priddy Ugly tells Apple Music, “and I say ‘us’ because there’s nothing that I’ve ever done in my career that’s been attributed to my solo and singular efforts. I’ve always had somebody who believed in me, somebody who was there to help me bring my visions to life and people who kept me on the journey when the destination seemed impossible to get to.”

“This cover is for us, the fans, the writers, the producers, the creatives, for hip hop coming out the African continent. This is dedicated to the dusty streets that raised us and the raps that saved us.”

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Rap Life Africa serves as a companion to Apple Music’s flagship hip-hop playlist, Rap Life.