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Prince Sax Releases “Bitter Vs Sweet” EP

Prince Sax
Prince Sax

Liberian singer and songwriter Prince Sax, also known as Prince Moyayah Sackor, has recently unveiled his new 4-track EP titled “Bitter Vs Sweet.” This release marks a significant milestone in Prince Sax’s music career, showcasing his artistic growth and versatility. Born and raised in Liberia, a country renowned for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant music scene, Prince Sax draws inspiration from musical legends like Fela Kuti, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley, infusing his own distinct sound with African roots and contemporary influences.

Prince Sax’s musical journey began in 2021 with the release of “Welshh,” marking his entry into the music industry as a rapper. Over time, he expanded his skills and developed a more dynamic artistry, allowing him to explore different genres such as Afropop, Trap, and Afrohouse. His versatility in vocal delivery, rap, and performance has earned him the reputation of being an all-rounder in the music industry.

The “Bitter Vs Sweet” EP is a testament to Prince Sax’s evolution as an artist. With four tracks, he aims to captivate listeners with his heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies, showcasing his unique style and musical prowess. This release serves as a reflection of Prince Sax’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to creating music that resonates with audiences.

As Prince Sax continues to make waves in the music industry, “Bitter Vs Sweet” stands as a testament to his artistic growth and his ability to craft compelling and diverse musical experiences for his listeners.

Listen to the EP on all platforms here. Connect With Prince Sax on Instagram | YouTube | Spotify