Prince Sax Shares New Afrobeats Single “Pain” and Announces Upcoming EP

Prince Sax

Rising Liberian singer and songwriter Prince Sax has recently released a new heartfelt afrobeats song titled “Pain.” With introspective lyrics and infectious melodies, Prince Sax showcases his talent and versatility in this latest track.

The song begins with the heartfelt lyrics, “I need to confess to you, I swear it don’t take. I can’t lie, your love is not a mistake. Can you promise me, oh, that you came to stay? I’ve been thinking lately, can’t get my head over this.” These lyrics set the tone for the emotional journey depicted in the song.

The chorus, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahaahaaaaaaaa, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahaahaaaaaaaa,” adds a touch of vulnerability and emphasizes the pain the artist is expressing. Prince Sax continues to sing, “Keep it to myself, I wanna keep it to myself. No one to express to, keep it to myself, I don’t want to. No one to express to.”

Prince Sax Pain
Prince sax pain

Prince Sax, whose real name is Prince Moyayah Sackor, started his music career in 2021 with the release of “Welshh.” Initially starting as a rapper, he later honed his skills and developed a more dynamic artistry that allowed him to seamlessly transition between different genres such as Afropop, Trap, and Afrohouse.

Known for his versatility in vocals, rap, and performance, Prince Sax is an all-rounder in the music industry. Growing up in Liberia, a country with a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant music scene, he developed a deep appreciation for the power of music as a means of expression and connection.

Inspired by musical legends such as Fela Kuti, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley, Prince Sax has created his own distinct sound that pays homage to his African roots while embracing contemporary influences. Listen to “Pain” on all platforms here

Exciting news awaits as Prince Sax announces the release of his upcoming EP titled “Bitter vs Sweet” on February 23rd. This EP is sure to showcase the artist’s versatility and further solidify his presence in the music industry.

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